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Painless Dentistry

Comfortable Dentistry

The key to treating patients "As gentle as a lamb" is to provide comfortable, low stress, dentistry. At Marcus Dental we utilize advanced techniques, special anesthetics, and in office oral sedation to help virtually all of our patients comfortably receive the dental care that they want and deserve. It all starts with numbness. At our office we achieve close to 100% patient numbness and procedure comfort. Let me repeat this...we achieve close to 100% total numbness for each patient and procedure. One of the reasons for this is the use of the newest numbing anesthetic Septocaine.

This is an amazing new variety of 'novocaine'. With it we are able to achieve what we like to call "super numbness". With this super numbness, it is rare that our patients will feel anything resembling discomfort during a procedure. In fact, once they realize that all is well, many of our patients lay back, watch tv and relax for the rest of the appointment.

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