Tooth Replacement

Options for Tooth Replacement

In Philadelphia, PA, patients turn to Total Dental Care for their comprehensive tooth replacement needs. Missing teeth can affect just about every part of your life. From the foods you’re able to eat (or not) to how you feel smiling in front of your friends, tooth loss takes both a physical and emotional toll on the patients that we serve. Fortunately, we can help.

Tooth Replacement in Philadelphia, PA

If you know you’re going to have a tooth extracted, we recommend timely tooth replacement. In Philadelphia, PA, Total Dental Care offers a few options to choose from. Each one aims not only to restore the tooth that is lost, but to also prevent moving and shifting in the teeth around it.

When missing teeth go an extended amount of time without being replaced, your smile as a whole will start to reposition itself (even the teeth that are on the opposing arch.)

Depending on your needs, oral health, and personal preferences, you can typically choose from one of the following treatments to restore your smile’s function and beauty:

Dental Implants — Designed to mimic the function and shape of natural teeth, dental implants outlast and outperform and of today’s modern tooth replacement options. Each biocompatible tooth root naturally strengthens the bone through a process called “osseointegration” where the body fuses with the implant and makes it a permanent part of your smile.

Fixed Dental Bridge — Bridges span between two teeth (or dental implants) suspending an artificial crown between them, “bridging” the gap that’s caused by the missing tooth.

Dentures or Partials — Traditional dentures and partials offer fast and affordable tooth replacement. Some types of dentures can even be fitted to where they snap onto dental implants for added stability and comfort.

Schedule a consultation at Total Dental Care in Philadelphia, PA to learn more about your tooth replacement options and which one is right for you. New patients are always welcome.

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