Emergency Dental Care

A toothache can be one of the most painful experiences you’ll ever have to go through. When you need immediate access to emergency dentistry, Philadelphia-based Total Dental Care is here to help.

Whether we’ve seen you for years or you’re a new patient calling for the first time, you can rest assured knowing that we offer comprehensive services including emergency dentistry. Philadelphia, PA families are encouraged to call our office as soon as they’ve experienced any type of dental trauma or accident. The sooner we hear from you, the more quickly we can arrange to resolve your issue.

What to do if You Knock Out a Tooth

A slip in the bathtub or elbow to your mouth during a basketball match are all it takes to knock a tooth loose or completely out. The faster you take action, the better the chances are that Total Dental Care can help you to save your tooth.

First, locate your tooth. Be careful to only pick it up by the crown portion, never touching the root(s).

Gently rinse the tooth clean of visible debris, but do not scrub it (this can dislodge the tiny fibers that aid in reattachment.)

If possible, reinsert the tooth back into your mouth. If not, store it in a sealed container, completely submerged in milk, contact solution, or saliva.

Come to our office immediately. The sooner we’re able to see you, the higher probability we can save your natural tooth.

If your mouth is bleeding, apply pressure with a clean washcloth, gauze, or tea bag.

Paying for Your Emergency Treatment

When you’re experiencing a dental emergency, you know you need to treat it right away; putting it off isn’t an option. We offer affordable financing plans to ease the financial burden of fees that may not be covered by your insurance. Call today for more information.

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