Nervous? Ask About Sedation Dentistry in Philadelphia

Going to the dentist can make a lot of people feel anxious. Whether you’ve had poor experiences in the dental office growing up or have a particularly complex treatment that needs to be completed, you’ll likely find relief with the help of sedation dentistry. Philadelphia, PA dentists at Total Dental Care have over 50 years of combined experience to offer the safe and effective options our patients deserve.

When to Consider Sedation Dentistry

Philadelphia dental patients may want to request getting sedation for a number of different reasons. Some of the more common ones we see in our practice include:

  • Longer treatments, such as root canals or crowns
  • Minor oral surgery (wisdom teeth, dental implants)
  • Mild anxiety to severe phobia
  • Special needs
  • The desire to relax throughout the entire visit
  • Difficulty sitting for a long period of time

Yes, We Have Laughing Gas

Nitrous oxide (“laughing gas”) is a light and safe sedative that allows you to remain fully conscious throughout your appointment, but with decreased sensitivity and anxiety. The general analgesic effect of the inhaled gas helps our patients feel less worried and bothered by what’s going on while they’re here. But you’ll still be perfectly able to carry on a conversation if need be.

Plus, laughing gas wears off very quickly. There’s no need to have someone drive you home after your procedure, because the effects are usually gone within five minutes of breathing pure oxygen.

Your Comfort Matters to Us

At Total Dental Care, we take things at your pace, ensuring your comfort and peace of mind at all times. It’s no surprise why Philadelphia families have been coming to us for four generations! We treat you like one of our own family members. Call today to request an appointment.

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