I am an absolutely horrible patient. I neglect to make routine visits. Because of this, I have developed gum disease. As usual, you guys have done a fantastic job saving my gums and teeth. Thank you!

– Karen C.

Kind and professional staff
as well as encouraging. The doctor and staff were great!

– S Brown

Dr. Marcus has been my dentist for approximately 7 years and each experience has been pleasant. The doctors and the staff are friendly, knowledgeable and compassionate. My time is important and appreciate being seen timely and professionally.

I would unequivocally recommend Total Dental Care for everyone who appreciates quality dental service that is delivered in an efficient and professional manner.

– Michael F.

This is the absolute best place to go to for dental care and work. My father and I have now been attending for a number of years, rarely if ever leaving disappointed in the service or the treatment. Prices seem affordable, communication is timely and effective, and you get the care that one deserves when one of your teeth decides to rebel against you. Must visit place, and you can’t say that about a lot of healthcare facilities.

– Moustapha T.

Everyone was so accommodating to me when I had to come back to get my crown reshaped. Made me feel welcome to speak my thoughts if I wanted something changed and such a warm and friendly environment that gives great service. Would highly recommend !!

– Ravyn J.

I would like to start this off by saying that this is going to be a long review, that it glosses over many visits I’ve had here, and that it is very positive. I almost never write reviews, but I will say that if you’re looking to skim, the summary is: I would recommend this dentist to the absolute fullest to anyone I know who has any kind of serious dental problems or any dentist fears/hang-ups. If you’re looking for more of an in-depth description of the process and people there, though, please read on.

I’ve had terrible teeth throughout most of my life, and never had the money or guts to really figure out a game plan for fixing them. On top of that, sometime around 30 I developed a sort of physical anxiety that left me restless whenever I was in situations that took away my ability to control my personal space. Thus, dental work has been, on top of having a pretty bad set of broken, yellowed and rotten teeth, really difficult for me to approach. I wish I could change the anxious part about myself, but it’s something that is just there, at least for the moment.

To sum up my experiences with other dentists before I found Dr. Marcus’ office, it was mainly people looking at my teeth, seeing my insurance, and treating me as if I weren’t even a serious client. Clearly if I had allowed my teeth to get this bad, it wasn’t even worth their time to create a serious plan for me. Add to that fact that I was asking for some sort of sedation/pain amelioration (because of the anxiety) and the dentists I saw became even more dismissive. This was super-disheartening and led to me prolonging treatment even longer.

From the first minute of my first visit, the people at Dr. Marcus’ office were insanely positive, therapeutic, gentle and effective. They also offer twilight sedation for the weak of heart, like myself, which is what made it all possible. I waited until my final crowns were put on to write this review, but I could have written it after my first interaction with the team. Every single person in that office was concerned for my dental health, while being funny and generally cool the entire time and making sure that my teeth would be as beautiful as they could be by the end of the process.

I can’t believe how well everything turned out. My smile is amazing (even though there’s a bit more work to do) and they are so incredibly responsive and flexible to any questions I have or tweaks that need to be made to the treatment plan. Even though there are probably 50 dentists closer to where I live, I will never go anywhere else because of the amazing experience I’ve had there, an experience that is built completely upon the amazing, compassionate people who work there, especially Dr. Marcus herself.

If you have difficulty with dental work, have teeth that you’re embarrassed about, or don’t know if you can afford to have your problems fixed but you want to speak with someone compassionate, I would wholly recommend you go to Dr. Marcus.

– Joe T.

Everyone there is knowledgeable, professional, and very nice.
I still go to Dr Marcus even though I’ve moved from the neighborhood because I value the friendly and courteous staff. No one likes going to the dentist, but they make the whole experience much easier and more comfortable.

– Marc M.